The role of UX in the gamification of Finance.

A screen from Robinhood, showing a graph of when GameStop was rising
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How should companies respond in these scenarios?

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I did 51 of 365 days for my Acts of Action

Photo from one of my first protests in Seattle when Trump created a travel ban.

Embrace talking to yourself

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The Honest System We Have Overlooked.

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The One Honest System In the Philippines Everyone Overlooks

I saw an article about how one bus line now uses the “honesty box” as a way to pay for bus fare. This system only takes cash and you can’t get change. I didn’t think that there was anything new or novel with the idea, because we see this in…

Help us name and claim cultural artifacts of the Philippines by writing about them.

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And I think this is ok.

This is an attempt to clear my head on the last day of the year.

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did you know you’re powerful?

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This is for anyone who is feeling powerless.

Don’t let the world fool you, you are in fact powerful. Simply being alive means that your presence has an impact on something, somewhere in the world. The choices we make will always affect something.

We have our first hire! And it’s not a position you might expect from a Creative Agency.

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How we came about this decision.


for the sake of transparency

Ana Mengote Baluca

Design and Strategy living in between Manila, Seattle and New York. Writing about design things and things in Design. And sometimes random things.

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