Reflections and Strategy for the future

I told myself this year that I’m going to push Stuff by Ana even further. I was going to try to get into small mom-and-pop shops everywhere. I spent a weekend filling out a spreadsheet of small retail shops that I would target. Two days later, I decided that it was the wrong move.

If you know me as an Industrial Designer, you must have heard me talking about designing meaningful things. I don’t want to add crap into the world, and I want to design, make and build, things and systems that are grounded on social equity.

So where does Stuff by Ana fit in? The short answer is it doesn’t.
I don’t think fashion as an industry is ever sustainable. As long as you have clothes that keep you warm and protected from the environment everything else other than that are not necessary. Jewelry being one of them.

To be honest, I never intended to make jewelry. But in the process of going through design school — when I was just starting out — one of my weakness was being detail-oriented. To directly attack that weakness, I took metalsmithing classes, because somehow that move made sense. And now a decade later, here we are.

What was initially a thing I did to be a better designer, has kept me sane through the years. There’s something therapeutic about building with your hands. My jewelry bench has become a place of deep self-reflections while putting my heart in a tiny piece of thing that someone will hopefully treasure for a really long time. And while making something special for a friend, I realized that somehow putting my pieces in a retail environment takes away the connection I have with the things I make and the people that wear them.

With all of this in mind one natural evolution of Stuff by Ana seems to be that everything will be limited stock. That makes a lot of sense to me. I have set a maximum quantity of pieces that I will make every year per item, and each one moving forward will have its own serial number of some sort. Another effect on my brand for this is that, I will be doing more pop-up shops where I can meet my customers in person, so make sure to follow along that adventure.

To all of my supporters,

I am eternally grateful. I hope this strategy will strengthen the bond we have through the things I make. Every time you wear your piece, I want you to know that it has a lifetime guarantee and that you can come to me directly for anything jewelry related concerns or questions.

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