I watched the news coverage of Dengvaxia while in the Philippines and it is heartbreaking. News in the Philippines, doesn’t censor dead bodies of children and their mothers are interviewed during their wake, often at loss for words, and usually just crying.

I don’t disagree with you, but this article felt too robotic for a topic that is very human. There’s a lot of missing context like, consider that the 10% of those that won’t get Dengue in the Philippines are children from the upper class. I spent my childhood there, and I know nobody whose had Dengue. I believe that statistics, but without painting the picture of what the Philippines’ socio-economic situation is like, your readers might assume that this happened in a middle-class, educated and developed country. It did not, the Philippines is still certainly developing, despite having some rich areas.

Those politicians, even if they are corrupt usually puts the healthcare of the Filipino children their top priority, so rushing it during an election year could very well be the past president’s way of ensuring the vaccines are distributed before he leaves for office otherwise it might not see the light of day. Those mothers without health records of their children that still vaccinated them even after health officials have told them of the risk, all they heard is free vaccine, a seemingly sure thing they could provide for their children unlike food for dinner. Those health officials that vaccinated the kids even if the mothers don’t have proper records, probably remembered what it was like when they were kids and thought of their own mothers’ plight to provide for them, and depended on the science. The political climate of the Philippines is not the only thing to blame for this, if white-knight companies trying to solve global issues design their systems better to really cater to a culture they don’t understand maybe they could’ve anticipated this as a worst case scenario and planned for it.

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