I think you have good arguments here. While there are aspects of the crisis that seems overblown, I think the government still need to address this issue, in regards to what kind of culture and society we’re creating if everyone who wants to go to university need to take out what is equivalent to a car loan.

I think there are consequences to the quality of education when tuition is jacked up so high. For example, I went to an elite school, and I noticed that my peers are mostly international students. I think this is because they pay the full price and don’t need to be awarded grants and scholarships. The thing is, I was studying urban studies, and they didn’t have much to add considering our classes surround US laws and policies, which they didn’t know much about. So I felt that my class discussions and program was not up to the Ivy League standard I was expecting.

I definitely think the crisis is sensationalized to a degree, but I think it still needs to be addressed on the context of education being priced as a commodity instead of a luxury.

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