I think this is very insightful, and would work. One thing I would like to point out though is that, it’s really difficult to design for other countries without knowing their system. For example, I’m trying to do something in the Philippines and it turns out every receipt that a company gives its customer needs to be an official receipt from the local BIR. So no matter how pretty a customer facing receipt may be, on the back office these would add another step/task for the company’s bookkeeping because they would have to translate it to that official receipt required.
I think your solution is a great one for non-natives that simply wants to ride the bus, but there’s a native culture that might feel safer with a text-y ticket simply because it looks more legit. I wonder if the website you purchased your ticket from, can somehow recognize whether or not the buyer is a native or not, and then aggregate a ticket from that info. It’s a little outside scope of your ticket redesign though, but I think it still falls within the realm of UX. :) Goodluck!

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