I did 51 of 365 days for my Acts of Action

I really wanted to be a more effective activist. I wanted to use my voice in contributing to meaningful changes in the world. So, I set out to post an “Act of Action” every day for all of 2021, after 52 days I gave up.

In the beginning, these Instagram…

did you know you’re powerful?

This is for anyone who is feeling powerless.

Don’t let the world fool you, you are in fact powerful. Simply being alive means that your presence has an impact on something, somewhere in the world. The choices we make will always affect something.

We often think about power as the synonym of being strong, of being big, of…

We have our first hire! And it’s not a position you might expect from a Creative Agency.

lowercase now has its first intern, but we’ll just call her our Researcher for Gender Development. Intern sounds a bit minimizing considering the product of her job will help shape an initiative we hope to start as soon as quarantine measurements and travel restrictions are lifted in the Philippines.

How we came about this decision.


Ana Mengote Baluca

Design and Strategy living in between Manila, Seattle and New York. Writing about design things and things in Design. And sometimes random things.

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